Responsible operating procedures

Helsinki Events Foundation is committed to adhering to responsible operating procedures in all its activities from event production practices to programme contents and event communications.

We recognise that sometimes change takes time, but we are constantly assessing and developing our activities.

Responsible events together

We take ecological, social and economic sustainability widely into consideration in our operations. We actively attempt to minimise the environmental and climate impacts of our events and are committed to providing equal and safe events for all. 

We are a fair partner and employer and require other parties to act responsibly with us. This is why we engage our working groups, performers, subcontractors and co-operative partners to adhere to principles of responsibility – on a contractual level too.

Environment and climate

We actively attempt to minimise the environmental and climate load of our events throughout the entire production process. 

Helsinki Events Foundation has been granted the EcoCompass environmental certificate, and we use this environmental management system to develop our ecological sustainability with a long-term focus. In addition, as part of the Helsinki City Group we are committed to the goals of the Carbon Neutral Helsinki 2030 emission reduction programme and began calculating the carbon footprint of our events in 2023.

Achieving and reporting on our environmental and climate goals is not possible without the participation of all production parties. All of our co-operative partners commit to submitting the information required to calculate the carbon footprint after the event.

General environmental measures at our events include:

  • We only commission EKOenergy-certified wind or otherwise 100% renewable electricity. 
  • If generators are used in the event, they should run on renewable diesel fuel.
  • Event realisation should utilise devices and methods that are as energy efficient as possible.
  • We monitor the waste amounts of our events and organise the appropriate collection of our event waste. Persons operating in the event locations and during setup and dismantling should sort their waste in the correct bin.
  • We minimise our own acquisitions and attempt to reuse everything we can. We also try to find opportunities for subcontractors and other operators to share common devices and equipment.
    We acquire both materials and services responsibly.
  • Logistics should be planned to avoid unnecessary driving. 
  • We offer our own and event staff only vegetarian and fish food.
  • Co-operative partners should submit the information required to calculate the carbon footprint after the event. Guidelines on the information will be provided beforehand.

Security, equality and non-discrimination

We are committed to organising events that are safe for all, and adhering to operating principles that aim to promote the realisation of equality, diversity and non-discrimination within the event field. Our events need to be safe places to work and enjoy your free time. As support for our work, we will draft an equality and non-discrimination plan as part of our personnel plan during 2024.

Event venues are accessible and within reach of public transport. More information about accessibility and transportation can be found on event websites. 

Discrimination and harassment

Events organised by Helsinki Event Foundation follow the principles for a safer space, and our events are discrimination and harassment-free areas. The principles for a safer space apply to employees, subcontractors, partners, performers and audiences.

Everyone is welcome to our events as they are, and we do not condone any kind of discrimination, harassment or inappropriate behaviour. If you observe any of these behaviours at our events, we kindly ask you to report it without delay to Helsinki Events Foundation either

by email: or
anonymously using this form:

The emails are read by CEO Stuba Nikula and the forms by Head of Administration Piia Lääveri.

Principles for a safer space:
– Respect everyone’s personal space and right to self-determination.
– Don’t make assumptions based on, for example, appearance and don’t degrade, discriminate or mock anyone with your words, behaviour or actions.
– Let everyone speak and have an opportunity to participate in discussion. Listen to and learn from their perspectives.
– Intervene as far as possible if you witness inappropriate behaviour. Give and receive feedback in a constructive manner.
– Apologise if you have intentionally or unintentionally hurt someone.

Fair co-operative partner and employer

We act fairly with our co-operative partners and also expect our partners, subcontractors, artists and performers to commit to our values.

Our co-operative partners are required to observe the legal requirements concerning their employees.