Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Helsinki Events Foundation is committed to adhering to responsible operating procedures in all its activities from event production practices to programme contents and event communications.

We recognise that sometimes change takes time, but we are constantly assessing and developing our activities.

Environment and climate

Helsinki Events Foundation utilises the EcoCompass environmental management system to develop ecological sustainability. The first audit was done in autumn 2020. We focus on circular economy and organising events in a carbon-neutral way. We select the environmentally-friendly option whenever possible. Among our events, the environmental theme is also present in the programme content, particularly at the Helsinki Baltic Herring Market.

Lux HelsinkiHelsinki Festival’s Huvila Festival TentHelsinki Baltic Herring Market and Helsinki Christmas Market plan, monitor and develop environmental responsibility through their own separate EcoCompass systems. An environmental criteria monitoring form has been drafted for the foundation’s other events and event components, allowing them to plan ecological responsibility aspects that comply with the foundation’s common measures.

Events for all

We are committed to organising events that are equal and safe for all. Event venues are accessible and within reach of public transport. More information about accessibility and transportation can be found on event websites. Several of our events have free admission and offer the joy of art and culture to the whole city. Night of the Arts and Helsinki Day also allow citizens to create urban culture as event organisers.

We want to reach new audiences as well. This is why we work together with, for example, City of Helsinki’s local centres and encourage people with cultural co-operation projects like the Art adventure for second-graders.

Fair co-operative partner and employer

We act fairly with our co-operative partners and also expect our partners and subcontractors to operate responsibly. We communicate responsibility themes together with our partners. We have also co-operated with third-sector actors, such as the Kontti second-hand store of the Finnish Red Cross.

We support small businesses through, for example, vendor selection for the Baltic Herring Market and Christmas Market. We also attempt to support groups with poor employment prospects. We have procured services from, for example, the Job’d project developed by the City of Helsinki and We Foundation as well as from Likainen Tusina, who employ former inmates.

Photo: Pietari Purovaara